Welcome to the boat page for the catamaran Cerca Trova. She is the last Manta 42 built, hull #127,and she's perfect for our plans for exploring the world outside the mainstream.

She was originally commissioned as "Take 2" for around-the-world voyaging. Due to catastrophic illness of the owner of Manta Catamarans and the economic melt-down of 2008, it took an heroic effort by many dedicated people to get her launched. We are well aware of the legacy she represents. We take up her reins and
The Boat
have changed her name to reflect our planned adventures with her.

We have posted a few photos of her to see more of her detail, via the button at left. The original factory brochure (blurry scan of it available with button tot he left) is very thorough in describingthe features and benefits. Many of the cruisers of Mantas maintain their own web sites to present their adventrues and their boats. A few of the basics are here: