OK, so now we know ...
Any voyage worth it's salt has its learningmoments, and these are a few. From the humorous to the hair-raising, we have been collecting and sharing these stories since we began sailing and hope you will enjoy and 'profit' from them.
Locker Diving, Again
Do you have any idea how much stuff is on a blue water cruising boat, even one not fully loaded to Go? There are approaximately 50 lockers and bins on this floating home. It took us three passes to dig through all the lockers on the boat. And we still couldn't find what we needed. So, being hyper- organized, we made a map, numbered all the lockers by Port, Bridge, or Starboard, printed this amazing creation, and even got it laminated for future use.

OK, now we know we won't use such tools. Now we just know where we put stuff, usually. Later, when things get really loaded up with cruising gear the map may see some use. But for now, we just put everything in its place and every place has its thing(s).
Zinc, think
Anyone who keeps a boat in saltwater knows about sacrificial zincs, right? We did, or so we thought.

The collars on our saildrives were pretty obvious. The pencil inside the generator was not. We knew it was there, so, when the genset needed an oil change, Royce applied a wrench to it's hub, backed it out, and there was almost nothing left! Good thing he had checked it! But inserting the new one didn't work - it wouldn't go back in to the socket. Hmmmm..... inspection revealed that the old one had just broken off inside the heat exchanger *&(^&%$(&^@$!!

The metal had turned to mush and could not be pulled out with the usual tricks. It was upstream of the water flow into the water-cooled lift exhaust, not sure that would tolerate a zinc-mush bolus. Time for professional help: Kevin McGeary just mashed up the pesky mush and said it would be fine to run out with the cooling water.

OK, now we know - to be careful with extracting pencil zincs, change them often enough to avoid the mushies, and that it's OK to just let the mush run out if it should break off.