OK, so now we know ...
Any voyage worth it's salt has its moments, and these are doozies. From the humorous to the hair-raising, we have been collecting and sharing these stories since we began sailing and hope you will enjoy and 'profit' from them.
Never/Always trust the Port Captain
The first, very first time we cruised, the charter port captain was very helpful. She made a special point of telling us to always top up our tanks before shoving off, even if someone says they have already done it. So, she then says she has already done it and we can skip it.

You see this coming, right? Three days out - no water. We had already jammed the windlass, dragged anchor, and watched in horror as a bikini-clad lady drove someone else's boat hard on to the coral. So, we got to learn about how to dock this monster we had rented in order to fill tanks. We did, with great ease BTW, topped our tanks and were off to the rest of our life-changing trip.

So now we know - or do we?
Tide? Tide!
It was a gorgeous quiet, grey anchorage all to ourselves. In a cove in a large nature preserve with inlets into the mangroves. "Let's go exploring!", so we did. It was a little bumpy getting into the inlet due to an out-flowing current, we toodled around, saw russet spoonbills so pink they looked like flamingos, fish, an osprey. Then we tried to get back.

You see this coming, right? That current, remember that current? Weeell. it was an ebb tide current and we were now in a mangrove lagoon on the wrong side of a bar that hadn't been there 45 minutes earlier. We did make it out, around the side of the bar and leaving a trail of stirred-up mud. No damage but to our pride.

So now we know - or do we?