where we are (+/- 2hrs)..
Welcome to the home page for the voyages of the catamaran Cerca Trova. In Italian, the name means "s/he who seeks, will find", and accordingly we are off to seek what we can find.
The Boat
Cerca Trova is a Manta Mk IV catamaran, the
last one built as Manta was folding up shop. We found her somewhat by accident, and largely by design. Equipped for world cruising, she is very well suited to our plans for exploring the world outside.
The Crew
Cerca Trova is laid out to be handled by a very few crew. Apart from ocean crossings, it will be just the two of us sailing her.

Jennifer is Mate, Chef, Purser, and Deck Fluff.
Royce is Skipper, Master, Engineer, and general muscle.
The Adventures
Cerca Trova is currently off the dock and out exploring other places that are unkown to the mainstream world of suburban America. Click the photo-button at left to see a few of our past adventures.
update: OCT 2017